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Easy-Rebranding Q&A

Based on the strong R&D background and development ability of products, Hanlong became the only third party of TI (Texas Instruments) in China in 2010, and then TI & Hanlong work together to push the most cost-effective products to a lot of partners.
Q1. Which items can be branded?

Only the logo on the phone can be branded(see below). All the labels will keep the Htek standard.

Q2: Which models can be branded?

UC912(E), UC903, UC923, UC924(E), UC926(E).

For more information about our UC900 series phones, click here:

Q3:About the bezel
1.The only extra charge comes from bezel.
   You will need to fill in the company information and bezel order information.
   You will need to provide the logo in AI or EPS(CS6) file.
   Note: For better printing, we advise that your logo should not have small letters.
3.Minimum order quantity for bezel: 100pcs
4.Unit price for bezel: $1.00/pc (including the shipping charge from China.)
5.The logo can only be in one color: silver white
6.All the models have the same size bezel.
7.Htek will ship out the bezels in 7 days after the design is confirmed. 
Q4: What’s the standard packing for local stock of the brand phones?

 The standard packing for local stock of the brand phones will be:

Phone without any logo on it + Htek logo in the box

Q5: How to put the bezel on the phone?

The bezel will be stuck to the phone by the distributor or by the customer themselves.

Once the logo was stuck to the phone, it’’d better not to change again. A video for reference:  

Q6:dWhat’s the process to get the complete branding phone?

Below process for your reference.