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Marvelous Personal Audio and Video Collaboration Experience | Htek Releases V Series Smart Business Phones UCV22, UCV20

2022-05-23 10:38:

Nanjing, China — May 23rd, 2022 — Htek, the industry-leading unified communication equipment manufacturer and solution provider, has officially launched the V Series Smart Business Phones UCV22, UCV20. 

These two phones are based on the Android 11 operating system, with built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) and Bluetooth, a 7-inch touch color screen, and an HD camera (UCV22 built-in camera, UCV20 support USB camera), which can bring users vivid audio and video mixed communication experience, and smooth operation experience. With strong system performance and rich functions, the UCV22 and UCV20 redefine the modern office communication experience. It is the best choice for professionals and executives pursuing efficient cooperation.

Android 11 Operating System, More Powerful Privacy Protection

Powered by the Android 11 operating system and the fully upgraded chipset, UCV22 and UCV20 can appear industry-leading system performance, data processing capability, and excellent response speed. Under the global context of frequent data leakage accidents, Htek V Series Smart Business Phones are highly competitive in data encryption, privacy protection, and integrability.


7-inch HD Touch Screen, Marvelous Visual Presentation

UCV22 and UCV20 adopt a 7-inch high-definition touch screen with bright color and wide viewing angle, which can convey pleasant visual enjoyment. The phones support wall hanging and adjustable standing angles (UCV22 has a built-in stand with multiple adjustable angles, UCV20 supports standing with 2 adjustable angles), which can satisfy the best visual experience in various light environments and fit a variety of office scenes humanized.

UCV22 has a built-in 2-megapixel HD camera, which is so clear that no detail will be missed. The UCV20 supports a 1080p USB HD camera, plug and play, which can be installed and removed flexibly.

The phones support 1080p HD video calls, and up to 10-way audio & video mixed conferencing (up tp 3-way video conferencing). The image is so clear and delicate that you can enjoy everything you imagine, whether on the horizontal screen of UCV22 or the universal vertical screen of UCV20.


Cutting-Edge Algorithms Scientifically Eliminate Noise, Make Every Conversation Undisturbed

Htek V Series Smart Business Phones adopt cutting-edge acoustic algorithms and support such a wide speech codec list that the phones can easily present high-definition audio quality under any network bandwidth. At the same time, the application of the acoustic shield technology of the phones can scientifically eliminate the environmental noise, purify the human voice, and make expression clear. Ensure that the call is not disturbed and help users speak more confidently during the phone conversation.


Richer Connection Modes, More Flexible Teamwork

UCV22 and UCV20 not only have built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) and Bluetooth, but also have rich interfaces to achieve unparalleled scalability. Both humanized office experience and flexible collaboration methods are provided to users and their teams.

-Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), smoother wireless connection.

-Built-in Bluetooth expands various functions and makes users work efficiently.

-Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet makes data transmission faster, and audio and video calls do not get stuck.

-Support PoE, simplifying the operation of phones’ deployment;

-USB Type-A 3.0 interface, HD camera plug and play. (UCV20)

-USB Type-A 2.0 interface, storing call recording, modifying phone ringtone and wallpaper through USB disk, or directly connecting USB headset. (UCV22)

-USB Type-C 2.0 interface, easy to realize secondary development. (UCV22)

-HDMI port, quickly outputs the display, promoting team communication and realizing efficient decision-making. (UCV22)

-Micro SD card slot, realizing flexible expansion of phones’ memory as needed. (UCV22)


Intelligent Device Management Tools, Efficient Remote Maintenance

By supporting advanced tools such as the Htek Device Management System (HDMS), the automatic deployment, firmware upgrade, and device management of V series smart business phones can be completed remotely. 


"UCV22 and UCV20 smart business phones have strong market competitiveness in terms of convenience, flexibility, and easy management, which is a significant innovative attempt of Htek," said Navy Ding, the C.E.O of Htek, "We believe that these two phones can bring a marvelous personal audio and video collaboration experience."


About Htek
Htek is a world-class designer and manufacturer of enterprise IP phones and gateways. Since 2005, Htek (aka Hanlong Technology) has provided customers in over 90 countries worldwide with high-quality VoIP products. Htek’s UC900U series IP phones continue the tradition by focusing on cutting-edge features, broad SIP compatibility, great value, and an industry-leading warranty. Htek distributes its products via channel partners, and custom designs and rebrands products for large partners such as ITSPs. Nanjing Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. is a private company headquartered in Nanjing, China, with offices in LATAM, North America and Europe. Visit us at