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Htek is certified as the official supplier of Maxis

2021-06-23 09:35:29

Nanjing, China - June 23rd, 2021, Htek the industry leading unified communications solution provider, declared that it became the official supplier of Maxis!

Established in 1995, Maxis is one of the four major operators in Malaysia. It was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange on November 19, 2009. This time, Htek has become its official supplier, which will help Maxis further improve the construction of the unified communication ecosystem.

Since it’s established for 16 years, Htek has been focusing on the IP communication field, insisting on high investment in R&D (research and development) costs, continuously optimizing products and expanding product lines, forming the products and services features of simple deployment, wide compatibility, professional and reliable, and successfully penetrated the IP phone markets in more than 90 countries around the world. Becoming the Maxis certified IP phone supplier powerfully demonstrates the strength of Htek products and services, and it is also an inevitable result of the deep cultivation and meticulous work of Htek for many years.

"Maxis certification of Htek as its official supplier is recognition of our products, services and business philosophy." Navy Ding, CEO of Htek, said that while strengthening product R&D (research and development) and innovation, Htek will deepen communication and cooperation with partners including Maxis to jointly promote the development of unified communication industry and better serve for every customer.

About Htek:
Htek is a world-class designer and manufacturer of enterprise IP phones and gateways. Since 2005, Htek (aka Hanlong Technology) has provided customers in over 90 countries worldwide with high-quality VoIP products. Htek’s UC900 U series IP phones continue the tradition by focusing on cutting-edge features, broad SIP compatibility, great value, and an industry-leading warranty. Htek distributes its products via channel partners, and custom designs and rebrands products for large partners such as ITSPs. Nanjing Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. is a private company headquartered in Nanjing, China, with offices in LATAM, North America and Europe. Visit us at

About Maxis:
Maxis is the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia providing a variety of high quality digital services encompassing voice, data, and solutions. We are passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world. Learn more: