Technology Partners

  • Eolos


    Founded in 2005, Eolix Technologies SRL provides the manufacture of products under its brand "Eolos" , since Marketed throughout Latin America.

    In Eolos consider technology as the leading vehicle for value creation. Through the creation of products or services, philosophy and firm belief in the potential of cooperative activities of productive action, envisioning a more just and equitable society, based on the rational exploitation of the resources at our disposal, with the Finally main platforms to generate global communication. In Eolos they rely on their premise: Technology is no secret, the value lies in the art of their use. To this end, they conduct activities to achieve the synergy of their community action, where both strategic partners, suppliers and customers, share a space of mutual empowerment together with their working group. Eolos developed the concept of total communication, as a philosophy of development, making the availability of technological resources focused excellence in both business organizations and the needs of individuals. "

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  • Elastix


    Elastix was developed in 2006 by the Ecuadorian company PaloSanto Solutions and is a successful open source unified communications server software that brings IP PBX, Email, IM, Faxing and Collaboration Functionality together: It has proven to be a technology platform with a rapid increase of popularity due to its many advantages.

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  • Kerio


    Kerio provides safe, simple, and secure business productivity solutions to more than 60,000 businesses and millions of users globally. Our award-winning email, UTM/firewall, VoIP, and collaboration solutions are distributed through a network of more than 6,500 reseller partners. Kerio is a profitable and growing technology leader headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, and Brazil.

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  • New Rock

    New Rock

    New Rock Technologies Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells Voice-over-IP(VoIP)-based telephony and data networking products and applications to the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SME) sector, carriers, Internet Telephony Service Providers(ITSPs) and vendor partners. As a SIP-based device supplier, New Rock Technologies is committed to deliver reliable and cost-efficient converged communication solutions.

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  • New Partner:Aasani

    New Partner:Aasani

    Aasani provides resellers and companies Hosted PBX services as well as SIP Trunks at a low cost. Aasani's phone system does not need complicated server provisioning and time-consuming installations. Simple billing, 99% uptime guarantee and great customer support all complement Aasani.

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  • Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments

    For more than 80 years, Texas Instruments has used increasingly complex signal-processing technology with advances ranging from the incremental to the revolutionary – to literally and repeatedly change the world.

    Every day, Texas Instruments semiconductor innovations help 90,000 customers unlock possibilities for a smarter, safer, greener, healthier and more enjoyable world. Texas Instruments focus on building a better future is ingrained in everything they do, from responsible semiconductor manufacturing, to employee care and active involvement with the communities we live in.

    TIers are a tremendously diverse group, coming from every continent, embracing scores of different cultures and viewpoints, and speaking dozens of languages; yet Texas Instruments all share a passion for discovery. After all, innovation is what Texas Instruments do.

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  • VoipVoice


    VoipVoice was born in 2006 when some of Italian reality with long-time experience in IT service field, software and VoIP telecommunications, blend together with the specific purpose to provide professional service of VoIP.
    Today VoipVoice is the first Provider VoIP Business Oriented in Italy. It boasts around 8.000 customers, 600 sellers in Italy, certifications and collaboration with the Italian and foreign leader companies of VoIP’s market. Every month around 3 millions and half of phone calls with VoIP, pass through the VoipVoice’s server and platform.
    It is part of Digitel Italia (dealing with the technical part of VoipVoice services) and Promos (involved in the administrative part).

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  • Vodia


    Vodia Networks is a premium provider of PBX software for hosted, multi-tenant, and on-premises deployments. Vodia products are based on the SIP standard for Voice over IP (VoIP), so they are compatible with a wide range of IP phones, gateways, and related devices. Vodia software can run on most popular operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and on various server sizes, from embedded systems to blade servers, in virtual or bare-metal environments. Vodia offers both a Single PBX version for simple enterprise installations, and in Hosted PBX mutli-tenant version for complex deployments and cloud-hosted service providers. Vodia PBX provides a robust set of features, including encryption, auto-provisioning, and WebRTC, giving both you and your users the tools they need to create a unified communications system in an easily-managed, user-friendly environment. Vodia is based in Woburn, Massachusetts (USA), with a global network of locations and partners.

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  • Xorcom


    Xorcom, designs and manufactures business telephony solutions that support both traditional PSTN and VoIP communication. Various utilities that maximize system uptime include backup and restore, dedicated redundant power supplies, and TwinStar – a unique award-winning hot failover solution for the entire PBX. The Complete Concierge, Xorcom’s bundled solution for hospitality, provides a central communications system and an interface to Property Management Systems. It has been awarded “Best of Show” eight times over the past five years by TMCnet, the world’s leading business to business and integrated marketing media company, in categories ranging from “Best On-site Product Launch”, through “Best of Open Source”, to "Most Innovative Product”.

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  • Yeastar


    Yeastar is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in communication technology, masters a number of industry-leading core technologies, established a complete system of design and development. After years of development, Yeastar release some series of products, including IP Phone system, VoIP gateway and network video recorder that are sold in more than 100 countries and regions, and in these countries and regions Yeastar has established their own distribution and service systems.

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